The services are especially designed for people facing different life, or business challenges and are looking for a sound permanent solution. Every successful person somehow received coaching or had someone to guide them. So yes the services will help you. 

Working with someone will push you and help you reach your full potential is a privilege many people don’t have. A coach, teacher, guru is there to help you get organized and achieve The IMPOSSIBLE goals.  You develop deep confidence, and get to enhance your ability to achieve the results you need.

When you are working  with a professional, guru, teacher, coach, you are actually setting yourself up for real life fulfilment.   An experienced person knows what is best and the fastest path to life, spiritual business growth. 

Your teacher, guru, coach helps make your vision clear and actualized by applying techniques and tools that empower you, and elevate you. 

You will learn and discover different proven methods that help you overcome challenges. You will engineeringly prepare both good days and bad days. 

Many research was done on this. People who invest in themselves by hiring or by enrolling in programs such as those one have a 90% chance of succeeding than someone who left pride, fear, doubt and control of their decisions.  Individuals, professionals, business owners and managers who chose to work with a teacher, guru, coach to learn things that are not taught in schools.  They get to receive information and wisdom that is not accessible to the general public. You evolve faster, adapt faster, grow faster and transform faster. An conscious enlightened teacher, guru, coach helps you understand your current state, where you are now and is always sure ready to get  you to where you or your business wants to be. 

Investing in oneself is one of the greatest investments one can make. Now, for some people receiving exactly what their pay is absolute, so we offer just that. We offer the best services, the most efficient, the most cost effective services and products. Do you have any questions regarding your return investment? We guarantee you safistion and more. For the business mastery program book a free consultation with us, for the self mastery program enroll and get exactly what you paid for. Lastly, all services and products have different sets of prices. Feel free to navigate the site and pick the service(s) or product(s) that best match what you in the present moment.


Purchasing Fenol’s services/products will give you the boost you need to transform your life, business and realize all your goals. Fenol’s services have helped thousands of individuals, entrepreneurs and professionals achieve massive growth and results.  You, your team, your business will experience amazing success. The services and products were created with exceptional love and passion and for the purpose of guiding and helping you.