Enlightenment Teaching

Enlightenment Teaching


Are you interested in what enlightenment truly is and how to experience it? Do you feel like you are not progressing quickly enough in your spiritual journey to awakening? In this program you will be taught different ways and techniques that will help enhance your presence, vibration and awareness of different states within you until you realize the ultimate Enlightenment. 

Finally, get taught by people who actually realized enlightenment and are willing to share the secrets others won’t. Be taught the different states of enlightenment. Make yourself, life experience eternally peaceful, blissful and fulfilled once and for all.  

What is included in this package: 

  1. Live in our healing house and community.
  2. Be taught the different realms of spirit 
  3. Learn spiritual wisdom 
  4. Be clean, empty and body, mind purification 
  5. Have your own private en suite furnished room or a shared furnished room, internet, spiritual teachings, law of attraction teachings, inner peace, rejuvenation, goal setting, self-empowerment, food, motivation, healing, spiritual teachings including a community of spiritual people and new free spirited friends and more.

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