Wildcrafted Raw Purple Sea Moss From St. Lucia | Jamaica |Superfood | 100% Natural & Alkaline | Non GMO | Sundried

  • Powerful Antioxidants, Vitamins, Minerals And Nutrients All Organic

  • Immunity Booster, Pain Relief, Enhances Your Body & Brain Health

  • Purple Sea Moss is believed to contain over 92 essential minerals and nutrients including iodine, zinc, calcium, potassium, sulfur, iron, selenium, manganese, silica and more!

Ingredients: Raw Purple Sea Moss

Disclaimer: Mother nature provides us with ingredients for our care. However, some ingredients are known to react when used with certain products. May contain ingredients not listed here. We encourage you to consult your family doctor before consuming any natural products.

Soak in cold water overnight. Sea moss expands in size when soaked, and can be made into gel. Perfect for smoothies or can be eaten as is after soaked, excellent with salads.

SUSTAINABLY HARVESTED:  Our Purple Sea moss is carefully harvested and dried to lock in its color and phytonutrients!

IMMUNE SUPPORT: Purple Sea moss is believed to contain many of the essential minerals, vitamins and nutrients that are needed to promote the immune system.

VERY RARE: Purple Sea Moss is an extremely rare version of sea moss. Just as green cabbage differs from purple cabbage, the locals believe the purple colored Sea Moss may have additional benefits when compared to Gold Sea Moss. Purple Moss has a distinctly much stronger ocean smell and taste.

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